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        Looking for that perfect premise prepared appearance in fried shrimp with excellent plate coverage and great taste?
        Well, look no further! Sea Harvest has the answer for you. Our unique offering we have affectionately named "Chaps". provides just the signature dish you have been looking for.
        Choice, pond-raised white shrimp, peeled, deveined and split in two, down to the tail. Then seasoned to perfection and lightly coated with our own blend of light, crispy fresh bread crumbs to fry up plump and juicy in 3 minutes or less.
        And since they're split in the shape of the nostalgic, western style, "bow legged cowboy" you get the eating characteristics of two lightly breaded round shrimp with plate coverage exceeding that of the regular, butterfly style shrimp everyone else serves. Each shrimp looks different, too. Not like they're stamped out of a mold - and that makes you different.
        Each individual shrimp is then hand placed on divider trays, spread out beautifully to prevent them from touching or sticking together and quickly blast frozen to lock in all the natural juiciness and flavor our shrimp is famous for.
        And, we only pack 2 lbs. of shrimp in each package. Not, 2 1/2 or 3 lbs. jammed together like other split breaded shrimp you've seen. You might say (tongue in cheek) "we spread our legs to beat the competition."
        So, the next time you're ready to order breaded shrimp, just remember Horace Greeley's old adage and "Go West", to our new Chaps, western style! California Freestyle fried shrimp, to corral a whole new crowd of customers looking for something different and unique - looking for a reason to come to your place rather than the joint down the street.

Handling & Preparation

    TO FRY:
    1. Deep fry in clean oil at 350oF for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Actual cooking time will depend on size of shrimp being fried.
    2. Drain on absorbent paper and serve hot


    1. These split, fried shrimp are designed to give you better plate coverage. Take advantage of their unique shape by using one less shrimp on a serving than you normally would on a flat, butterfly style. Put a sprig of parsley between the legs and complete the garnish in a complimentary unique fashion.
    2. Perfect for dipping each leg in your own, creative sauces. Try honey mustard, sour cream-dill and a red, horseradish. Serve a variety of ramekins and let your patrons have some fun!
    3. Serve with curly fries or maybe the new seasoned, coated styles to compliment the shrimp and sauce flavors. Criss-cross the straight fries diagonally or in the shape of railroad ties.
    4. For the "CAlifornia Freestyle" touch, try stacking the split shrimp with tails up, legs down, in the shape of a tee pee. Surround with fresh vegetable bouterique and fried, mashed potato puffs.
    5. Fry a little chives, sesame seeds and a mixture of fresh, trendy herbs (cilantro, basil and tarragon as a suggestion) in a hot, buttered fry pan and serve crispy, on top of shrimp. The Ojal Valley way!
    6. Serve with hot, buttered cheese grits and baby carrots of fried zucchini strips with spaghetti squash and name the dish "Baja Beach Shrimp".


      Product is Packed 4/2 lb./Case 
      Case Wt.: 8 lbs. 
      UPC Code: 54215
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