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         Looking for a great tasting fried shrimp with a texture and flavor that your customers will appreciate. 
         Then Sea Harvest has just the answer! 
        We use only premium white shrimp, either pond raised or caught fresh locally form "Golden Isles shrimpers" and we offer a variety of seasoned coatings, perfect for your customers' taste preference. 
        Available in either round or butterfly style, breaded or clean tail. Each shrimp is expertly peeled, deveined and breaded to perfection with our Oriental breadcrumbs, then quick frozen to lock in the natural flavor and fresh taste we've been famous for since 1960. 
        And best of all, Sea Harvest shrimp is priced with your economic requirements in mind so you can serve a great tasting shrimp dinner at a real value! So important in today's unsettled times. 
        So, call or e-mail us today for more information and we'll see that you get a sample for your own evaluation. 
Handling & Preparation

    TO FRY:
    1. Place desired number of shrimp in 350o F. clean oil and fry for approximately 3 minutes, depending on size. 
    2. Remove when golden brown and drain on absorbent paper. Serve hot and crispy. 


    These crisp, full-bodied flavorful shrimp draw rave notices whether served as a main dish, appetizer or at parties and receptions. Try with zesty dips of cocktail or tartar sauce, garnished with slices of lemon or lime. Other nice dipping sauces to add to your patrons' dining pleasure would be: lemon-caper, dill sauce, sweet & sour, creamy mustard, or orange barbecue. 


    Specify Type and Size

      Product is Packed 4/3 lb./Case 
      Net Wt.: 12 lbs. 
      Case Cube: .46 cu. ft.
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