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        Finally, a technological breakthrough in flavor penetration and seasoning of bite size shrimp has given Sea Harvest the opportunity to offer all food service operators an exciting, new, affordable means of creating gourmet shrimp and pasta dishes at a very attractive price.
        Tender, juicy, peeled baby shrimp in a choice of sizes, vacuum marinated with selected herbs and spices in our exclusive marinating blends. Our process prevents overcooked, dried our shrimp for pasta dishes baked at temperatures up 900oF.
        Can be used either frozen or thawed depending on cooking process. No need to put shrimp under the cheese or sauce! Place on top of other ingredients so customers can actually see the shrimp and be comfortable with the value.
        Standard size shrimp is 100-200 count, but larger sizes available on special order basis. Our standard flavor offering is a nice herb and garlic butter, but we'll design one to your own flavor profile.
        So, call or e-mail us or your local distributor today and place your order.

Handling & Preparation

    1. Pasta:  Linguini, Fettucini, Angel Hair, Penne, Bow Tie
    2. Sauces:  Alfredo, Marinara, Buerre Blanc, Olive Oil & Basil or Oregano
    3. Rice:  Long Grain, Wild Rice, Yellow Rice, with Saffron, any combination
    PREPARATION METHODS: (Best if prepared from thawed)
    1. Grill or Broil
    2. Stir Fry or Sauté
    3. Microwave
    1. Vegetables: seasoned green beans or pole beans, broccoli florets, Chinese mixture with pea pods and water chestnuts, grilled zucchini, roasted tomatoes, new potatoes, elephant garlic, spaghetti squash.
    2. Other protein; lobster, fish, scallops, beef or poultry (for combo platters).


      Product is Packed 5/2 lb./Case 
      Case Wt.: 10 lbs. 
    62016 Parmesan Garlic 62023 Parmesan
    62024 Cantonese 62025 Peppercorn
    62040 Lemon Dill 63001 Barbecue
    63000 Scampi Herb Garlic 63002 Cajun
    63003 Fajita-Tex Mex 63004 Jamaican Jerk
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